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QT63-80-A SUMITOMO high pressure internal gear pump.

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Product Description

1. The high-pressure internal meshing gear pump has very low noise performance and very low noise value, even if the pressure or speed changes greatly, the noise value is almost unchanged. This is because of the construction of the internal meshing gear pump and the use of special tooth profile to make the meshing volume very small, and the sound quality is very good, and the running sound is almost imperceptible.

2. Durability of gear pump type QT53-63-A and type QT63-80-A. Because of simple structure and forced lubrication of sliding surface, there is no direct contact between parts, so wear of functional parts will hardly occur. So even with poorly lubricated oils (water-glycol, etc.), there is surprisingly little wear and tear, and currently unimaginable high pressures (250kgf/cm_) can be used.

3. The high-pressure internal meshing gear pump has very high pressure pulsation at QT and almost no pulsation (2kgf/cm_), so the system with precise speed control requirements like processing machinery is suitable for use. More detailed models of Sumitomo SUMITOMO gear pump are listed below.

Oil in and out + right turn.

The model of Sumitomo SUMITOMO gear pump (high pressure type) is as follows:

QT23-4-A, QT23-5-A, QT23-6.3-A, QT23-8-A,

QT33-10-A, QT33-12.5-A, QT33-16-A,

QT43-20-A, QT43-25-A, QT43-31.5-A,

QT53-40-A, QT53-50-A, QT53-63-A,

QT63-80-A, QT63-100-A, QT63-125-A,

The model of Sumitomo SUMITOMO gear pump (medium pressure type) is as follows:

QT22-4-A, QT22-5-A, QT22-6.3-A, QT22-8-A,

QT32-10-A, QT32-12.5-A, QT32-16-A,

QT42-20-A, QT42-25-A, QT42-31.5-A,

QT52-40-A, QT52-50-A, QT52-63-A,

QT62-80-A, QT62-100-A, QT62-125-A,

Oil in and out + right turn

The model of Sumitomo SUMITOMO gear pump (high pressure type) is as follows:

QT23-4F-A, QT23-5F-A, QT23-6.3F-A, QT23-8F-A,

QT33-10F-A, QT33-12.5F-A, QT33-16F-A,

QT43-20F-A, QT43-25F-A, QT43-31.5F-A,

QT53-40F-A, QT53-50F-A, QT53-63F-A,

QT63-80F-A, QT63-100F-A, QT63-125F-A,

The model of Sumitomo SUMITOMO gear pump (medium pressure type) is as follows:

QT22-4F-A, QT22-5F-A, QT22-6.3F-A, QT22-8F-A,

QT32-10F-A, QT32-12.5F-A, QT32-16F-A,

QT42-20F-A, QT42-25F-A, QT42-31.5F-A,

QT52-40F-A, QT52-50F-A, QT52-63F-A,

QT62-80F-A, QT62-100F-A, QT62-125F-A,

Please consult the company for the above models if necessary.

Gear pump plus pressure regulating valve PR1 series

PR1-020, PR1-030, PR1-040, PR1-060, PR1-075, PR1-090, PR1-105, PR1-120.

Gear pump plus pressure regulating valve PR2 series

PR2-008, PR2-010, PR2-020, PR2-030, PR2-040, PR2-050, PR2-060, PR2-080.

Gear pump with lifting valve PR1+V2064, PR2+V2064.


1. High pressure internal gear pump QT hydraulic oil: please use viscosity class ISOVG46 hydraulic equivalent of 68. The recommended high pressure level above 70kg/cm and above is recommended for the viscosity class ISOVG46 oil equivalent to 68. Use of fire-resistant hydraulic oil (water ethylene glycol, phosphate, W/O emulsifier, etc.), please consult our company, use of hydraulic oil must be clean, prevent foreign bodies or water mixing, hydraulic oil discoloration stratification, there are white bubbles mixed, it means that the working fluid has deteriorated, must replace the working hydraulic oil.

2. QT Viscosity and Oil Temperature of High Pressure Internal Engagement Gear Pump: The recommended working viscosity is 20 500 cSt (mm/s), and the working temperature is 0 60 C.

3. High-pressure internal meshing gear pump QT oil filter: 150 micron oil filter is installed on oil suction side, 25 micron oil filter is used on oil discharge side, and magnetic oil filter is used to improve service life.

4. The installation of QT pump for high pressure internal gear pump: the oil suction mouth of the pump is sucking oil on the side upward. The drive shaft of the pump is connected with the motor shaft by elastic coupling or chain coupling. The eccentricity error is not more than 0.05 mm. The drive shaft of the pump can not bear any radial vertical force. It is forbidden to use the coupling to assemble freely on the drive shaft of the pump in the lateral driving mode such as belt, chain and gear.


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