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PV29-2R1D-J02 DENISON, oil pump PV29 series Piston Pump

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Product Description

DENISON PV series open circuit axial piston pump PV29-2R1D-J02

This series of pumps are widely used in power plants and industrial equipment, with excellent quality and reliable performance. There are five types of PV6, PV10, PV15, PV20 and PV29, with displacements of 14.4ml/rev, 20.6ml/rev, 34.2ml/rev, 42.9ml/rev and 61.9ml/rev, respectively. In addition to PV29 high working pressure of 275bar, the other types of high working pressure are 310bar.

T6 series vane pump has three specifications (C, D and E) of the shell, each of which can be equipped with corresponding series of pump core components with different displacement, forming a series of specifications of the pump. When the suction is atmospheric pressure and at high speed, the flow rate and displacement range of each specifications series are as follows:

C series: 10 to 100 ml/rev (1200 rpm, 3 to 31 GPM);

D series: 48 to 158 ml/rev (1200 rpm, 14 to 50 GPM);

E series: 132 to 227 ml/rev (1200 rpm, 42 to 72 GPM).

(T6 series vane pump)

High working pressure - rated working pressure up to 275 bar, which can reduce the size of hydraulic actuators, hydraulic control valves and piping, so as to reduce installation costs. If the work pressure is reduced, the working life can be prolonged.

Volumetric efficiency-Typical volumetric efficiency is 0.94. Even under loading, it has a high volumetric efficiency, which can improve productivity, reduce heating and reduce the operating cost of hydraulic equipment, and allow the speed to be as low as 600 rpm at full pressure (vehicle type pump can be as low as 400 rpm).

The mechanical efficiency is high - the typical value is 0.94, and the energy loss is reduced.

The speed range is wide - the speed range is 600-2800 rpm (400-2800 rpm for vehicle type pump). Combining with the way of installing large displacement pump core assembly in small size shell, the working state can be optimized and the noise can be reduced.

Low speed (600 rpm, 400 rpm), low pressure and high viscosity (860 cSt, 2000 cSt) - make T6 series vane pumps adapt to low temperature conditions, low power consumption and no risk of sticking;

The pressure fluctuation is small - about (+2 bar), which can reduce the noise of hydraulic pipeline and prolong the service life of other components in hydraulic circuit.

Low noise improves work safety and increases acceptance.

Strong anti-pollution ability - This series of pumps adopt double lip blades, which have strong anti-pollution ability and long service life.

Optional structural parameters and forms are abundant, such as pump core displacement, transmission shaft form, oil port configuration form, etc. It is convenient for users to choose according to installation needs.

Diversity of Installation Forms - 32 combinations can be installed for dual pumps and 128 combinations for triple pumps, which can reduce costs and improve performance.

Extensive applicability - Installation method conforms to SAE J744a and ISO 3019-1 2-hole flange form, and is equipped with a variety of flat keys and spline drive shafts for selection. For automotive pumps, there is also a T-type transmission shaft (in line with SAEJ718c) option, allowing direct assembly with tractors (speed 540-1000rpm);

Double Seal Options - Vehicle type pump with double seals (T6*P type), with oil drain interface, can be installed directly on the gearbox.


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